I've been asked to learn how to write scripts for Oracle applications 11i. I'm using Oracle NCA/Web(HTTP/HTML)on LR 11.

I've followed http://martinspier.co.uk/how-to-scri...-on-loadrunner to correlate the login and it seems ok, but now the first real step to choose a field value is failing.

The message is
Action.c(141): Error: nca_list_select_item("CTRL_CUSTOMER_TYPE_0","Perso n") failed, Window or object is not displayed.

ETA: I have tried nca_get_top_window("topwin"); to see what window it is looking at, but then I get the error message Action.c(164): Error: C interpreter run time error: Action.c (164): Error -- memory violation : Exception ACCESS_VIOLATION received.
Action.c(164): Notify: CCI trace: Action.c(164): nca_get_top_window(0x031408e1 "topwin")

How do I find out what is wrong? And are there any good resources on scripting for NCA?