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    Capacity Planning


    i want to do some capacity planning for 1 project where i am using EJB protocol.

    can someone please throw some light on below query.
    how many injectors r required for 1000 users for EJB protocol?

    also, do we have any reference or doc available where we can plan such things specific to protocol. please advise.

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    Re: Capacity Planning

    you may need to refer the following discussion
    Your question is not completed until you share how you resolve the issue.

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    Re: Capacity Planning

    thanks barath for reply...

    i have gone through the thread..but i couldn't able to find satisfactory answer.
    will it possible to get exact explanation for EJB protocol ?

    thanks in advance.

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    Re: Capacity Planning

    No, it will not be possible. Read the referred to post again - it's an informative thread. Read it well, and think about the things it says, ponder on them. Really, I mean it - sit back, put your feet up, and think. Then, actually implement the recommendations it gives. This will provide you a solution to your problem.

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    Re: Capacity Planning

    thanks Oliver !! i will check it out !!



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