I am getting hundreds of login related errors across several scripts over many iterations. I have enabled "log on error" and "snapshot on error" in my runtime settings. I have added script name, vUser and Parent Transaction to my Error Per Second (by Description) Anaysis Report, thus I can get an error messages in this report that take this form:

...[10061] Connection refused, Snapshot Info [MSH 3 5] 4,321 243 ExternalDownloadPDF_02_login_to_AppHomePage

The mentioned script fails on all 4 iterations; so when I download my vUser Logs I have Interation1/ through Iteration4/ folders. Each has but two files, a snapshot *.html file as well as a *.inf file. There is nor error message like text in the folder and the *.inf file is not helpful either:


My question is this: how do determine the Iteration associated with the report's error message entry so I select the correct snapshot reference by <font color="blue">... Snapshot Info [MSH 3 5]</font>? And what is the <font color="blue">[3 5]</font> supposed to represent? I have looked thru the gigantic online non-help guide and found no mention of this syntax.

-Thanks, Terry Horwath