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    Access database with results

    I'm using Performance Center 9.10 and when I download the results file (e.g. Output.zip), and open it, Microsoft Access opens with the results in database format, however, my html summary report shows almost 25 http errors.

    I used to go to the logs directory to get the results, but now the results are not there. I would then use "glob" in perl to connect all the file together, however, even with extended logging turned on within the VUser, the logs directory is empty. Do I need to additioanlly change the runtime settings a second time for extended logging from within PC (in other words do the run time settting in the VUGen scripts override the ssttings in PC or Vice Versa?

    In any case, I have a 300 user test and need to know which of the 500 users had http 500 errors and what the data inpouts were, etc.

    Thanks a MILLION!

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    Re: Access database with results

    I am wondering why your .zip file is opening in Microsoft Access. have you double checked the extension of the output that you are trying to open. do your PC 9.10 has rawresults.zip file. if so, download the file and work with that.

    Run time setting of PC override other settings. i mean you have to do runtime settings for your scenario in PC.

    To find out which are all the users got http 500 errors, you need to work with raw data of your analyzed results
    Your question is not completed until you share how you resolve the issue.

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    Re: Access database with results

    enable the logging in RTS of script or Scenario?

    Mnay ways to know wich user got the http-500

    >goto LRA - Pull the raw data for Errors per sec (description). paste in excel
    >You can see which vuserID you got it and for which script
    >check the script - vuser paramters.


    >if you enable log - you wud get log dir on LRR. if you are not able to see might be some problem with scenario settings/pc controller.



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