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    Query on stress testing of .Net window application


    I am very new to Load runner application.

    We have a .Net window application kept in a shared location and multiple users are working on it at same time. Its a simple application with only 5 different operation. Appreciate your sugessions for the below queries.

    1. I want to know if we can perform a stress test on a .Net based distributed window application using LR.

    2. The connectity from onsite is using Citrix. Will the be fine, if I ask my onshore counterpart to host the application and LR in citrix web page to start of with the stress test? Or do I need to ask for a connectivity to a remote machine where I have LR and application installed?

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    Re: Query on stress testing of .Net window application

    Ask yourself, Are you trying to stress the app and find its limitations in scalability or are you trying to find the limits of the application when hosted on Citrix? Answering this question will help you to define how you will test and how you will stage your load.

    To answer your core question, Yes, it is possible to test a .Net thick client application. The simplicity of the application will not determine how long it will take, but the degree of match between your .Net application API for the application under development and the .Net application version and API level of support from your version of LoadRunner.

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