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    Amending Raw Data in Load Runner

    hi all,

    is it possible to amend the raw data or raw results in Load runner so it does not show errors in the report.

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    Re: Amending Raw Data in Load Runner

    you can just filter them out in analysis

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    Re: Amending Raw Data in Load Runner

    do you mean through standalone analysis or the one which is carried out by performance center.

    I didnt understand how performance center collect the data and analyse them.
    i found the location of logs in each load generator and amend them before running the collection on performance center but still got all the errors in the report.

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    Re: Amending Raw Data in Load Runner

    I've never used PC, so not sure in normal loadrunner analysis you can filter pretty much anything, it's often necessary for analysis - I can't see that the same is not possible with PC



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