What version of LoadRunner (LR) or PerformanceCenter (PC) are you using? (specify which tool LR or PC)
Will be executing scripts in ALM 11 (PC 1); Scripting in VuGen 11.0

2. What is the protocol you are recording?

2.1 If .NET, which version of .NET does the app require?
.Net framework 3.5 SP1

2.2 If .NET, which version of .NET do you have installed?

5. Which LoadRunner/PerformanceCenter feature (FPs) or service packs are you using?
LR 11

6. VuGen Recording - are you using Old or New Recording Engine?

My question is

Totally new at .Net and not a SQL expert either. This code is in my script:

lr.log("Event 78: ((Int64)(SqlParameter_5.Value));");
Int64RetVal = ((Int64)(SqlParameter_5.Value));

lr.log("Event 79: ((Int64)(SqlParameter_5.Value));");
Int64RetVal = ((Int64)(SqlParameter_5.Value));

How do I display the value of SqlParameter_5.Value ?