Looking at some of my scripts since we upgraded to the latest Xen server.

With your ctrx_connect_server(), do you normally point to one of the Citrix machines in the Citrix farm? Or just one of the specific machines in the farm?

For example, I have this:
ctrx_connect_server("ServerName:8080", "{paramCtxUser}", "Password", "Domain", CONTINUE_ON_ERROR, CTRX_LAST);

The Citrix engineer tells me that the "ServerName" above is a specific machine. But if we have 5 servers in the farm, I want all of my vusers to be load-balanced by Citrix across all 5 machines on the server side.

How is this mechanism intended to work from the LR side? Should I just pass one of the machine names to ctrx_connect_server() and Citrix will automatically balance the users across the farm?

Thanks very much!