We're testing out LoadRunner 11.0 now on one of our servers. I found in running tests that have web_reg_find text checks, that one or more users will fail once the scenario reaches ramp down (users ramp up, run an hour, and ramp down). The same test run in LR 9.1 - runs fine.

I tried recording the same script in LR 11.0 - but I still get the handful of failures during ramp down. It's not a case of the text not being there - prior iterations run with the same parameter data run fine - and it runs fine in LR 9.1.

I opened a case with HP - but as usual, I'm not getting any answers yet. They just have me try different things (like putting think time before the web_reg_find - which did nothing).

Is anyone else seeing issues with web_reg_find in Web protocol scripts in LR 11.0?