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    [Help] AJAX TruClient Paramater


    I want to do data parametrization using Ajax TruClient Protocol. I found a little about it in the "Ajax TC Tips and Tricks". But it didn't work.

    Who have a experience about this issue?
    How do we use LR.getParam and LR.setParam functions in the script?

    Thank you.

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    Re: [Help] AJAX TruClient Paramater

    I recommend reading this one
    http://www.linkedin.com/groupItem?vi...;item=30822727 esp the post by Fernando Martinez

    Needs LinkedIn membership though..

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    Re: [Help] AJAX TruClient Paramater

    It's actually covered in the video in the What's New when you open LR 11.

    Basically you
    - create the parameter in the parameter listing,
    - then during script development you insert a JavaScript before using/requesting the parameter,
    - and lastly you request in the value section...

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    Re: [Help] AJAX TruClient Paramater

    Chid and dmc2,
    Thanks for your help. I found the solution in the video.

    The video can be found in the youtube too:

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    Re: [Help] AJAX TruClient Paramater

    Hey thanks. I couldnt find the video in my install. this definitely helps.

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    Re: [Help] AJAX TruClient Paramater

    For those video impared...

    1. Create a parameter in VuGen... just like before.
    2. Hit Develop Script icon to launch FireFox
    3. Find the step/data to parameterize
    4. Replace the data with LR.getParam("paramname")

    The video shows you creating a variable to hold the parameter contents, but you don't have to do that. You can just put the LR.getParam statement where you need it.

    BTW. If you flip back and forth between the FireFox browser and VuGen it doesn't always pick up the parameter changes. You need to close FireFox and do the Develop Script again.

    Note - Not all things are able to be parameterized. For example when clicking on a Link... you want to be able to parameterize the Name of the link... but that does not seem to work. Basically anywhere you hover over the data and get the JS (JavaScript) icon to appear.. you should be able to parameterize.



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