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    Using LoadRunner with Java Applications/HTTP

    I am currently using LoadRunner v9.52. After recording the Win32 application, my script will not play back. The Run-Time Viewer is trying to play the application back as a URL and I receive this error message: Error 500: Could not complete the request at this time due to server issues. Is anyone familiar with this? I read a thread saying that LoadRunner 11 has a Java over HTTP Protocol that may handle this. Does this mean that v9.52 can't do this at all? I'd appreciate any and all feedback. Thanks!

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    Re: Using LoadRunner with Java Applications/HTTP

    You're running a Win32 app, why do you believe Java over HTTP would help you? Java != Win32 app.

    HTTP 500 class messsages typically mean you are providing the server bad data.
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    Re: Using LoadRunner with Java Applications/HTTP

    LoadRunner 11 calls the new protocol TruClient. It uses FireFox plugin to do the recording/playback. It actually runs a browser when playing back.. so scalability on your generators will be more limited than HTTP/HTML protocol. However it should have more success than Click N Script.



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