I am using the below function for correlation in Tuxedo for ServiceID variable which is generated by the Tuxedo app server:

lrt_display_buffer("sbuf_1", data_2, 157, 157);
lrt_save_parm(data_1, 158, 8, "ServiceID");

I am unable to capture the 1st instance of the value as when I display the value of ServiceID using lr_output_message() function, I get the value for which I recorded the script and not the dynamic generated value.

Below are the steps I am following:

1). I am not very sure how to get the most recent value as all the code here is in UNICODE char set. What I try to do is to convert the UNICODE value of the response buffer and try to get the value of ServiceID from there. Is this the correct approach?

2). After step 1). I place the lrt_save_parm() function "AFTER" the lrt_display_buffer() function of the response (for which I got the ServiceID value in step 1)). .
But I still capture the hardcoded value.

Please help me with the coorelation.