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    LR Error: -27764: Request Failed

    1.What version of LoadRunner (LR) or PerformanceCenter (PC) are you using? (specify which tool LR or PC)
    Loadrunner v9.10

    2. What is the protocol you are recording?

    2.1 If .NET, which version of .NET does the app require?
    Version 2.0

    2.2 If .NET, which version of .NET do you have installed?

    3. If HTML - are you using HTML-Advanced with URLs or
    Yes, Advanced

    4.What version of LoadRunner (LR) or PerformanceCenter (PC) are you using? (specify which tool LR or PC)
    Version 9.10

    5. If URL mode:

    6. Which LoadRunner/PerformanceCenter feature (FPs) or service packs are you using?

    7. VuGen Recording - are you using Old or New Recording Engine?

    8. What kind of LoadRunner license do you have -
    - 1000 vusers, permanent

    9. If subscription, is subscription current or expired?

    10. What platform(s) (PCs) and Operating Systems (Windows-XP, etc.)? Include version and service packs (SP1 or 2, etc.)
    Windows Server 2003 SP2

    11. If you have filed a service request with HP/Mercury, what have they told you at this point with respect to your issue?
    Not Filed

    Hi All,

    We are recieving the below error at random requests on UAT env, always (count & requests vary). But, the same script works perfectly fine in the TEST env.

    -27764: Request "https://<URL>.com/<URL>/xxxxxxxx?xxxxx" failed.
    The above "not found" error(s) may be explained by header and body byte counts being 0 and 0, respectively.

    Please suggest possible reasons for the above error.

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    Re: LR Error: -27764: Request Failed

    is this under load?

    the obvious answer is that the server is struggling and nothing is being returned for the request

    have you been trained and mentored?

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    Re: LR Error: -27764: Request Failed

    Thanks for your suggestion.

    But, we have Load Balancer on the UAT environment, and then if you suggest that the server is not responding (occasionally/ randomly at some requests - in our case), then the basic purpose of LB itself is not met.

    Am I correct here ?

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    Re: LR Error: -27764: Request Failed

    If you are not checking for returned results for valid pages and you have continue on error selected then you may be overdriving errant pages, not handling them with appropriate error flow, and then winding up with a zero byte return from an invalid page request given the state of the client session.

    Information on how to check for returned values is covered in standard LoadRunner training. You may want to refer to your classroom material for reference.
    James Pulley

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    Re: LR Error: -27764: Request Failed

    Hi James,

    I am checking for the returned response since there are web_reg_find's for each of the page titles and atleast two web_reg_save_param's for Corelation on each page.

    correct me if i understood " If you are not checking for returned results for valid pages " in the wrong way...

    I do have lr continue on error used in some cases...

    Just to add to that it has been noticed that majority of these request failed errors occur at places where Ajax comes into play. Are these two related in some way?

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    Re: LR Error: -27764: Request Failed

    actually at this point LR is doing exactly what it's supposed to do - sending requests that the servers is failing to respond to

    it could be that your UAT server is not powerful enough for the number of users that you are running against it - is it the same size as prod? is it 'correctly scaled'? or is it a random machine that IT provided for testing as it'll easily handle 4 UAT users?

    perhaps the LB is not working as you thought (there is more than one algorithm for this) - are you monitoring the servers behind it??

    it could be that the application/middleware or whatever needs tuning, it could be that the application has serious architectural problems, it could be that your LB needs setting up properly - or for that matter might be your test - if LB is IPSticky and you're not IPSpoofing

    as James says you need to make sure that you check the responses from each page and exit the iteration gracefully if the page is not returned correctly - continuing on error can lead to bad pages being requested, however, these usually return headers and bodies - error messages, not nothing - as you are getting - this is usually caused by the servers being overrun

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    Re: LR Error: -27764: Request Failed

    Thanks Jim,

    The config of the UAT servers is not exactly the same as production but close enough. But during our load test the number of users that we use is about 150% of the actual number of users that are there on production at the moment.

    A thing to note is that when we run the same test our TEST servers, we donít get any Request Failed Errors at all. Major differences between these two are:
    > TEST uses http:// and UAT uses https://
    > TEST servers donít have LB implemented.

    We have been tuning the application for the past 4-5 months but have not yet found the reason for this error.

    We will be concentrating on the Load Balancer now.

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    Re: LR Error: -27764: Request Failed

    make sure that you monitor resources on all servers behind the LB - one at 100% and one at 10% cpu, for example, says LB not working as expected

    another one to make sure is that the application is installed on both servers, which might appear to be an issue with the LB, but isn't

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    Re: LR Error: -27764: Request Failed

    What is the kind of LB being used? The affinity of the LB being used might be IP affinity. If the IP spoofing is not being done i.e. the Load generator being assigned multiple IP's so that each users is sent with a different IP then the requests might be sent with the same with the same IP address as the originating point, in which case all the requests will be sent to the same server and will not be distributed among the servers.

    Have you used lr_enable_ip_spoofing() and lr_disable_ip_spoofing().

    Also check if the ip spoofing is enabled in the controller. Also check if the ip's have been created and defined/ added on the host or the LG machine as load is generated by the LG.

    Also please feel free to correct me if i am wrong in my understanding anywhere above.

    K. Raghu Ram
    Automation & Performance Test Engineer

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    Re: LR Error: -27764: Request Failed

    Question No: 1
    have you recorded the TEST env script and UAT env script and compared those scripts?
    Question No: 2
    Have you run your UAT scripts with extended logs (parameter turned on) in standalone mode for 10 iteration with different users?
    Verify all captured correlated values are captured properly and substitued properly in the logs

    If you have done above things and sure that your scripts are NOT breaking.

    Then i can think of onething.

    what is the server software your application is using?

    During load test, observe the garbage collection behaviour in your server and correlate the failure starts timing with your garbage collection pattern. During Full Garbage collection, your server threads may NOT handle the application requests as it is giving HIGH priority for garbage collection.
    Your question is not completed until you share how you resolve the issue.

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