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    about load runner

    hi everybody

    I was assigned to work on load runner. I'm new to this. I need some basic concepts of load runner like: which is the stable version could be used in java platform (ajax also), available links to study about Load runner and more. Can anyone guide me!


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    Re: about load runner

    This comment is not about LoadRunner in specific, but about your situation in general, where your management has assigned you to a tool that you have no knowledge of and has not provided you with training or in-house mentoring. This is a classical anti-pattern in our industry and it has a well known result, your odds of success are almost zero.

    Step 1: Validate your primary skills in development, architecture, monitoring, bottleneck analysis, testing all independent of performance testing and performance test tools. Address any gaps
    Step 2: Training in LoadRunner, from an HP certified instructor using HP certified course materials. One can argue whether this is the best course material, but it is the most consistent in delivery and results in the most predictable output from a skills perspective. As we have directly observed from the questions in this forum, almost everything else is a total craps shoot and a waste of time and money.
    Step 3: Enter an internship program to carry you through your first three engagements. Your mentor(s) should be proficient in both the tools you are going to use as well as performance test best practices and process.

    Testing is all about consistent, repeatable results where the output matches the requirements. The three step process above will result in an effective performance test analyst with effective tool skills, matched to the requirements of 90% of the projects out there.

    This decision to throw you to the performance test tool wolves is not a reflection on you. This is purely a reflection upon the decisions of your management to set you up for failure even before the start. Clearly they do not have your, your client, or the industry's best interest at heart when they engage in this behavior. In fact, they might be leveraging your inefficiency in an attempt to run up bill rates to the client.

    As an untrained, unmentored LoadRunner user your efficiency will be quite low, as will be your quality. What takes you 10 hours may take someone who is trained and mentored only 2 or fewer, with higher quality. So, while your management may be leveraging low bill rates to the client, five to ten times as long for core tasks easily shoots the effective bill to deliverable rate up beyond a much more expensive person.

    What has been noted about LoadRunner above will apply to almost any performance test tool in this discipline.

    There is a path which will result in your success. Only your management can answer why they are disinterested in investing in a path with a known successful output and instead are headed down a path with a known unsuccessful one.
    James Pulley

    Replace ineffective offshore contracts, LoadRunnerByTheHour. Starting @ $19.95/hr USD.

    Put us to the test, skilled expertise is less expensive than you might imagine.

    Twitter: @LoadRunnerBTH @PerfBytes



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