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    Which protocol

    We would like to load test a new app that we are purchasing called Caseware. It is a client server windows application, written in C++, I think, and uses a Fox Pro database. Anyone have an idea what protocol I should use?

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    Re: Which protocol

    Don't bother testing it. The costs in software and labor will be probitive and to deleiver a sound test you would need access to the C/C++ source to build a set of DLLs representing core business processes. In the end, you'll peak out at ~20 concurrent users. If you have low usage users then it might make double that number. A file-based database solution (Foxpro dbf files) are just not going to give you the scalability of a service based option. Take heart, it could be worse, if this was using an MSAccess backend you would be looking at between 6-10 users before peaking out.

    What am I drawing this information from? Three years of working at Microsoft, with one year of that in the Fox software support group (after Microsoft purchased/merged with Fox), combined with years of in the field observations of file based database solutions versus service based database solutions.
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