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    Recorded 32bits, replay at 16bits? ...

    So I inherited a bunch of Citrix LR scripts that I need to maintain and get working again. When I attempt to replay the first script it fails on a call to ctrx_sync_on_bitmap(). I also see this message:
    "Warning: The desktop's color setting is 16 bits and it is not compatible with the recording (32 bits color setting)"

    Using my intuition, I suspect that these are not unrelated events. ;-)

    All the rest of my scripts have been in 16bit, so I don't want to change the resolution of my LR boxes. What's the path of least resistance here to dealing with this?

    Thanks again!



    1. What version of LoadRunner (LR) or PerformanceCenter >R 9.52

    2. What is the protocol you are recording?

    2.1 If .NET, which version of .NET does the app require?

    2.2 If .NET, which version of .NET do you have installed?

    2.3 If OracleNCA with Oracle Forms Server, please list the version of Oracle Forms Server. You can get this info from the main Oracle Form when launched - Help -> About

    3. If HTML - are you using HTML-Advanced with URLs or,

    4. If URL mode:

    5. Which LoadRunner/PerformanceCenter feature (FPs) or service packs are you using?
    9.5 to 9.52 via the two service packs.

    6. VuGen Recording - are you using Old or New Recording Engine?
    New, as of 9.52 I believe.

    7. You must list here the specific Licensed Vuser type for your specific issue AND the license amount you have for your Vuser protocol(s) - per the example below No response to this question or N/A are not options) If you are using a cracked or hacked version, list as "CRACK".
    Remote Access bundle, 1000 users

    8. Is your support/maintenance contract current and active?
    (substitute your answer here - Yes or No)
    Current and up to date.

    9. What platform(s) (PCs) and Operating Systems (Windows-XP, etc.) are being used for load generators and controllers? Include version and service packs (SP1 or 2, etc.)
    Windows Server 2003, 32-bit I believe.

    10. If you have filed a service request with HP/Mercury, what have they told you at this point with respect to your issue?

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    Re: Recorded 32bits, replay at 16bits? ...

    You need to have your LGs set to the same resolution as the Vugen box. Otherwise you're going to have to keep adding bitmaps.
    Unless you are writing a compiler, strtok is NOT the answer.
    See: http://www.sqaforums.com/showflat.ph...=541641#542222

    QAF is still an exercise in self-sufficiency! (Thank JB!)

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    Re: Recorded 32bits, replay at 16bits? ...

    Thanks, I was kind of hoping there was a relatively painless way to just recapture the bitmaps once.



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