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    can i record some unix commands thru VUGen?

    Hi all,

    I am new to Loadrunnr...i don't know how to run the unix commnds thru VUGen?
    I need to connect to SSH and run some commands thru VUGen..and then reply the script..

    Please help me how to do this..


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    Re: can i record some unix commands thru VUGen?

    Yes, what you seek is possible.

    * BEFORE YOU POST, BEGIN HERE * Plus Key Links *

    As you are new to LoadRunner, you should know that there is a defined path to success. It combines known and expected inputs with a defined process to produce well known and expected outputs, in this case a refined and capable performance tester. Youc an probably tell from the description that the concepts of expected initial conditions, a defined process and expected outputs are core elements of testing in general.

    * Programming Skills in C (or the other language to be used for virtual user script construction)
    * Architectural views/understanding of systems
    * A complete and fundamental understanding of the OSI model and how to identify protocols in use with a protocol analyzer.
    * How to test (independent of software)
    * How to functional test software, independent of tools. if you cannot test successfully for one, you cannot automate the successful test of many concurrently
    * Understanding of network architectural concepts
    * Understanding of Operating System architectural concepts
    * Understanding of Relational Database System architectural and optimization concepts
    * Project Management, core skills
    * Understanding of how to monitor systems for performance issues independent of tools
    * Understanding of how to troubleshoot performance problems in multi-tier architectures independent of tools

    The Process
    * Training. This is HP Provided Loadrunner training with an HP Certified instructor. One can argue whether this is the best training, but it is the most consistent in delivery and what is expected and can be delivered by a person upon successful completion of the course
    * Mentoring (Engagement 1). Junior Role working with a mentor
    * Mentoring (Engagement 2). Peer role. Line delivery working under a mentor and a project manager (may or may not be the same person)
    * Mentoring (Engagement 3). Senior role, with your mentor as a backup in a peer role.

    * Become a mentor to the next generation

    This is a process with a well known output. It is the exceedingly rare exception that does not follow this path and has any degree of success in the use of LoadRunner. If your organization has opted not to send you through such a program when the benefits are well known to both clients and delivery organizations, then you have to ask yourself why would an employer do such a thing?

    Unfortunately it is often in the financial best interest to do so. By not training you then you can be billed out at a lower rate. The lower rate attracts business. But, for the customer this is a false promise of savings. Untrained, unmentored LoadRunner users are five to ten times less efficient than ones which have been through a professional development program.

    For customers this means that any cost savings on a per hour basis will rapidly disappear in the ineffcient delivery of services. What would take an hour for a seasoned profession would then take five to ten times as long for the untrained and unmentored. So a $30 per hour rate for untrained andd unmentored would rightly be compared to $150-$300 for quantity of output. The quality will not ever match and as a result the risk in deployment will be higher.

    You will also find that untrained and unmentored individuals will "blame the tool" far more often than is true and when they face a genuine tool issue they do not possess the architectural or development knowledge to engineer a workaround without having to contact HP support. The net effect of this "blame the tool" combined with poor delivery skills is damaging to both the tool vendor's reputation and the reputation of the performance test industry as a whole.
    James Pulley

    Replace ineffective offshore contracts, LoadRunnerByTheHour. Starting @ $19.95/hr USD.

    Put us to the test, skilled expertise is less expensive than you might imagine.

    Twitter: @LoadRunnerBTH @PerfBytes



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