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    Pacing between iterations fails

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    Tuxedo / 9,876
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    Windows XP professional
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    Ticket raised, awaiting response

    My script works fine with multiple iterations with no pacing as soon as I introduce pacing of 240 secs it fails. Extended log shows "The user not logged onto server". This behaviour is not seen when i manually access the application and try to replicate what my script does. As per dev team, they have set session timeout of 20 mins.
    had tried to keep session alive by downloading a resource, calling a query page but no use.
    can somebody please provide thier thoughts on this issue?

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    Re: Pacing between iterations fails

    I'm assuming you're testing a multi-tiered environment.

    You may want to find out what the timeouts are at EACH tier. Webserver, Appserver, DB, etc.

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    Re: Pacing between iterations fails

    To follow on the Steve...

    What is the "idea" of your script? Does a user log in once and then keep working? Or does a user log in, work, and then log off?

    If it's the second, make sure "Simulate New User on Iteration" is checked and the code supports it.
    Unless you are writing a compiler, strtok is NOT the answer.
    See: http://www.sqaforums.com/showflat.ph...=541641#542222

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