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    LoadRunner 9.51 Locking up when generating code

    Hi All,

    Painful situation. After recording a pretty minimal script (login, perform 3-4 steps, logout), LoadRunner is consistently locking up at 23% when generating code. This is for a Web application which in and of itself has had stability issues, but I am able to get through the basic recording.

    Conversely, I can record logging into yahoo as a test, and logging out and normal scripting code is generated just fine.

    Has anyone else seen this kind of issue and/or know how to address it? Is this an issue with the interaction with my app, or something strictly within LR? If it's application specific, what kinds of things should we be looking for which might be causing LR to hang up like this?

    very frustrating!

    Thanks in advance,


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    Re: LoadRunner 9.51 Locking up when generating code

    I feel your pain.

    I did have that problem. That and the "replay verification" would just freeze before it would even start.

    It wouldn't happen everytime but regularly.

    Rebooting the system did seem to fix the issue for a short following while but in all honesty, It only got better after a clean re-install.

    p.s Mine wouldn't freeze at the same exact percentage when generating code so maybe this isn't the same issue.

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    Re: LoadRunner 9.51 Locking up when generating cod

    It is possible to to get the scripts back and regenerate the code even if they are not saved and VUGen crashes. VUGen creates the scripts and stores them here (C:\Documents and Settings\xxxxx\Local Settings\Temp) before you save them off. Usually the folders are called noname1, noname2, etc. You should be able to re-open the script and try to regenerate it.

    Hope this helps!


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    Re: LoadRunner 9.51 Locking up when generating cod

    Thanks for the tip Terri!

    Unfortunately, I've already uninstalled/reinstalled LoadRunner to try and remediate the issue - but it came back.

    Anyone have ideas as to a cause or potential long-term solution? I don't want to have to constantly reboot (this is a Server), or re-install(just don't wanna! [img]/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img] )


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    Re: LoadRunner 9.51 Locking up when generating cod


    One suggestion: Have your Vugen machine PRISTINE! Don't run Anti-Virus or Security c-r-a-p. Create a Virtual Machine if you have to. AV & Security cause problems no end!

    - Don't know if this is your problem, but it's the first thing to look at.

    You may need to try to record a call at a time. Use the "don't record application start" to put the recorder in pause mode.
    Unless you are writing a compiler, strtok is NOT the answer.
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    Re: LoadRunner 9.51 Locking up when generating cod

    @ptrussell_nc: Good point...I am trying to work on making my machine pristine - not sure if I can get around the anti-virus stuff. That's pretty locked down here locally.

    Other than that, the machine is pretty "new" and came as a "stock" image, but I'll run through and see what else is running that might be complicating matters.


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    Re: LoadRunner 9.51 Locking up when generating cod

    Firstly try logging off and then on again. If that doesn't work try using InstallWatch or something similar to see what state the machine gets into, once you have isolated the cause (temp file, registry key, etc) you'll be able to reset the changes manually whenever you see the problem.

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    Re: LoadRunner 9.51 Locking up when generating cod

    I have seen some issues with McAfee (especially Host Intrusion Protection). See if you can get permission to have the ability to disable it on your box.


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    Re: LoadRunner 9.51 Locking up when generating cod

    I do all my recording on a virtual machine and it works fine for the most of it. I keep it free of AV software, firewalls etc. However, I did have a similar issue recently with some recordings getting stuck. I found it helped to increase the amount of memory allocated to the virtual PC, but ultimately I ended up recording in a different protocol and that totally fixed it.

    If you have a choice, e.g. click and script or HTTP then try switching protocols too. If you can increase the memory available.

    Also, to really iron out if it is something specific to that build try it somewhere else on another machine, one that you know works properly.

    I have multiple virtual machines and access to a remote server that I use to check my builds when I am having this type of situation.
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    Re: LoadRunner 9.51 Locking up when generating cod

    I found a tip on another site that's worked for me a couple of times when LR has frozen while generating code.

    Check to see if there is a process running called thumbprocess.exe and if there is then end it. If this is causing the problem then it should finish generating the script, (you will not get all of the thumbnail screenshots but you might save yourself rerecording.)

    Also a colleague informs me when recording an AJAX script it's better if you can turn off 'Record rending-related property values' and 'Generate snapshots for AJAX steps' (Recording Options / GUI Properties / Advanced) to avoid hanging while generating the script.


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