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    Can Load runner do this


    I am a developer by profession.
    I don't know any thing about load runner, but i googled and found that it can do but i am not sure

    my requirements are

    1) Generate virtual users with unique ips(It should take from a file or database).
    2)open a URL and select a random URL in the page and navigate to that page (up to 3 levels)
    3) set header variables like http_referrer
    4) Can load runner virtual browser execute java script?

    I have these 4 questions please any one answer, so that i can buy service from any professional.

    with regards.

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    Re: Can Load runner do this

    A few thoughts:

    1. Yes, with IP spoofing enabled, though I've never personally done it.

    2. I think so, with some custom coding.

    3. Probably, with some custom coding.

    4. I think so, using the Click & Script protocols.

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    Re: Can Load runner do this

    For future help/service here please see the following:


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    Re: Can Load runner do this

    1) yes as mentioned above
    2) yes as mentioend above
    3) web_add_header("User–Agent", "Mercury Browser 1.0"); for example, but basically you can specify the field and the values you want, so that's a yes. Or you can use the web_add_auto_header() function, which is exactly the same thing and inserts into every HTTP request header after that point in the script till you use web_cleanup_auto_headers().
    4) yes as above (click and script, or AJAX click and script protocols). Although not necessarily ALL javascript always gets successfully executed, I did come across a few pages that the click and script protocols had some difficulty executing the javascript with. Having said that it wasn't a critical part of the process so I was able to ignore the error in this instance. Not ideal but it will work for most javascript.
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