I recently completed a loadrunner implementation for documentum. With this implementation i realized that you can achieve the world with Java.

I used loadrunner - Java Vuser protocol to create workflows in Documentum and then stress the content servers by creating thousands of workflows. You would require some developer support to provide you the code he uses to create the workflows.

For a start ask your documentum admin to provide you the winsuite installation - set it up on the loadgenerator.This will setup content server repository for you.Make sure you ask him the docbroker port and hostname. Remember, if you want to use this with performance center - you better have control of the loadgenerator.Else your performance center admin is gonna put up a price as Mr. Important

Get Eclispe on the same system - will help you verify compilation errors.

Then include the JARs which your developer would include in his code and execute it. You will need to change or tweak some of the code to make it work in Vugen, but thats easy [img]/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

People usually verify states in documentum by hitting DQL queries on DA or Repoint or something like that. The best way is to hit the queries within Java Vuser - retrieve the results and programmatically create fancy graphs(use google api) and then email query results and graphs periodically using Javamail.

If no Javamail, output query results into local disk and have Jscript or VBscript pick it up and send it via outlook.I hated this, but hey - you take what you get - you dont own the company [img]/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img] !

If you work in a big corporation - maybe Javamail will be blocked for the mail servers. Get it unblocked !! Its worth it.

As far as the server monitoring aspects - same old same old - get rstat daemons running on the Content\DB server - Unix boxes and raise hell when you have a long run queue !!

To be honest, if you get past the setup pangs - you will see that it is the easiest protocol to use - The Java Vuser protocol

The above tests were categorized as out of the box tests - as usually the workflows in documentum are created by an event trigger or something like that. But this is the best excuse to show\improve your programming capabilities while simulating a load.

Do this if your really passionate about it. Else go ask your developer to give you a simulator - SISSY !!