1. 9.5.
2. Flex
2.1 .Net will be used but isn't the main focus.
2.2 .NET 2.0
2.3 Not concerning Oracle (currently)
3. No, don't believe so
4. Don't believe this pertains
5. Not currently installed
6. Not currently installed
7. 1000 users, perm,
9. XP sp 2 .
10. No
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I have a script which is correlated very well.
Based on the random no generation it will execute from
1-10 business functions.
Each of this business function will use the function named
"pass thru me".
This "pass thru me" has the token capture.
A token is valid for 30 minutes.
The problem is, if the token captureing step in the "pass thru me" function fails then the subsequent step fails.

Now i want to implement in such a way that i hve to replace the token only if i get a good token.
How to achieve this?
Can i just do a string compare?
IF so what the value of the token when there is a failue is
for WRSP.
web_reg_save_param(token,"LB=z","RB=x","notfound=w arining",LAST);

I am thnking somehting like..

If (strcmp(token,"")==0)
strcpy(token,temp); //if the wsrp fails then use the temp

Let me know if my idea is ok?