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    Error while doing Cross result

    Hi all,

    When trying to cross an analysis file with a result file, I'm getting the following error and the resulting analysis file has multiple entires of some transactions in the summary page as if the results had not been collated properly. But, I had collated the results.

    <font color="red"> Analysis Error log: &lt;5/21/2009 7:36:29 AM&gt; Table: MsrsTreePath contains more records then the maximum allowed for it (100000), records values exceeding this number have been modified to: -1 </font>

    Kindly let me know the solution if someone had encountered same kind of issue and come up with a solution.


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    Re: Error while doing Cross result

    Chandru, the error is self-explanatory. You will need to reduce the number of records. I've not attempted this, but I would guess you could go into the .mdb and do so with the raw data. I recommend you file a SR with HP - both as an issue and an enhancement request.



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