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    Grouping of Results by Load Generator

    Hi All,

    I am using 3 different load generators - my local machine, a VM in the same office, and a VM in Mainz, Germany. The goal is to see (a) differences between performance here in the main office vs. Mainz overall, and then (b) differences between here and Mainz simply between VM to VM results.

    Just accessing an internal web app, no big deal. However, in the results of a Scenario, and then ultimately in the Analysis, I'd like to have the results grouped by Load Generator. I've tried within Analysis to Set Filter/Group by, and was hoping there would be a parameter for Load Generator, no such luck.

    They all were run concurrent, so I want to see the results by Location essentially. I see options in the help regarding EMULATING being in another location - but that isn't what I'm looking for.

    Can anyone help?



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    Re: Grouping of Results by Load Generator

    1. Don't use virtual machines for load generators, use physical machines. There is a well know documented issue involving the system clock that will impact your results.

    2. Are you certain you're not trying to solve for both application and network scalability simultaneously? This is problematic. Solve the app performance question first with a minimized network. The take the known good test results and make the comparison with the result set for a test which includes remote users. You can combine two tests together for comparison in the analysis engine and then use filtering (if needed) to specify which load generator swets to include.

    3. Yes, if is possible to generate transaction results on the fly which include a location component. This would involve a command line argument set in the run time settings combined with code changes to your transaction code. Documented, tested code is available for a fee which would allow you to define location information and have location results sets automatically created for your use in the analysis phase. If you have an interest please contact me privately.

    4. The detail you seek is available inside of the core data of the analysis results sets, but the analysis engine and filtering do not allow for a breakout by generator unless you want to filter by generator, run reports, filter again, run reports, etc... and then hand consolidate. On the other hand, if you want to run the reports yourself, then take a look at the [event meter] table inside of microsoft access (or SQL Server) formatted database created as a part of your analysis session. You will find that [event meter] contains all of the detail you need. You will need to relate this table to several others to pick up transaction names, Load generator names, transaction status, etc..., but ones you have the relations down you should be able to generate any report you wish. I know, you would think that HP/Mercury would have a nice data dictionary with keys, foreign keys and indexes to make all of this nice, tidy and fast, but they don't. It's just a collection of tables with natural keys. In any case, should you head down this path you need to include a nice large asterisk with the information about the integrity of the timing records related to the decoupled system clock having to play "catch up" inside of the VM. VMWARE has a whitepaper on this very issue if you need backup documentation.

    James Pulley, CTO, The Scriptfarm
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    Re: Grouping of Results by Load Generator

    i can see group by host in my test resutls

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    Re: Grouping of Results by Load Generator

    Thanks very much for the sound advice James! Please see comments below:

    (1) I'd strongly prefer NOT to use VMs, but with our budget and the economic climate - I don't have much choice! Maybe I can get convince a fraulein in Germany to let me use her machine as a Load Generator...hmmm... [img]/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

    (2) I agree I am trying to do too much, but I am "under the gun" as they say. However, I will do my best to follow your advice and let you know how it goes.

    (3) I appreciate the offer! I need to dig more into (2) to know whether this is an option for me, but I'll certainly keep you posted!

    (4) Awesome information!

    A$H - as you can see from the attachment, I don't have access to Grouping by Load Generator. Can you tell me how/where you selected this option?

    Thanks so much!

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    Re: Grouping of Results by Load Generator

    Hello Brett!

    What if you create the same scripts three times (Home, Office and Mainz), use different transaction names containing the location for each script and run each location specific script on the load generator of that location?

    Kind regards

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    Re: Grouping of Results by Load Generator

    Great idea Thomas!

    I will give that a shot!

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    Re: Grouping of Results by Load Generator

    You could always do something like this - dynamic transaction names so you need not have script clones. This will force grouping by site for a specific transaction. Change the hardcoded text to your liking.

    <font class="small">Code:</font><hr /><pre>
    char * hostLocation;

    hostLocation = lr_get_host_name( );

    lr_save_string(lr_eval_string(hostLocation), "Location");

    lr_start_transaction(lr_eval_string("ScriptName_01 0_TransName_{Location}"));
    lr_think_time(1); /* Placeholder for actual transaction */
    lr_end_transaction(lr_eval_string("ScriptName_010_ TransName_{Location}"), LR_AUTO);

    </pre><hr />

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    Re: Grouping of Results by Load Generator


    Sorry Thomas - I like the option from JakeBrake! Rock on!

    Transaction "CRM_Performance_010_TransName_FS-2989" ended with "Pass" status (Duration: 4.2501).

    Woot! Appreciate it Jake!



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