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    local var

    i have an action named Action3() and declared 2 var as follows..there are other functions in the same action of LR.

    char a[30];
    char b[30];

    {usign var a and b here

    1. the var a and b looks avaliable to all the funcions in that action.
    2. Also if i have the same variable a and b declared in action4() will they remain disturbing each other ?
    in other words do they remain local to their own actions?


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    Re: local var

    If you don't have a good C book pick one up. When declared outside of a function variables are global and can be accessed from any function. A same named variable declared in a function / block will shadow (block out) the global version.

    Local variables (variables declared in a function or block) only exist while in that function or block.
    Unless you are writing a compiler, strtok is NOT the answer.
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    Re: local var

    thx ptrussell ...
    so even though a and b is decalred global in that block/action ..declaring again in another block or action will only use the local value of that var in that action/block..

    that is the behaviour am expecting..so that on a mulituser run the values remail local to the action and wont be gettting wrong values..



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