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    Modular, maintainable script design?

    Has anyone come up with the 'best way' way to modularize scripts, such that a login (or other commonly needed) Action that is repeated by other scripts can be maintained in a single script and called by other scripts?

    I have tried the "import action", but this still requires re-importing after a change to the "reference" action.

    I have 8.1.4, 9.1 and I just got 9.5 (still do not see a "call script" function).

    Any ideas that have worked for you?


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    Re: Modular, maintainable script design?

    Hi Dan!

    For future assistance please read and follow the posting instructions here:


    The unfortunate answer is "there aren't". People who come to LR scripting from a software engineering background (rightfully) want to apply good s/w eng. practice to LR. It's just not designed to support it.

    If you search around here you will see various people's "best effort". None of these is particularly better than any other one.

    Because of the lack of good support for good s/w eng. it is almost best for each organization to develop as makes sense.
    Unless you are writing a compiler, strtok is NOT the answer.
    See: http://www.sqaforums.com/showflat.ph...=541641#542222

    QAF is still an exercise in self-sufficiency! (Thank JB!)

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    Re: Modular, maintainable script design?

    Thanks PT. Your answer confirms my experience -- and that I have not missed something. I will search the forum further for others' best attempt at modularizing.

    Thanks for the posting guidelines. I will use those in the future.




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