Version of Load Runner : 9.0

Protocol used for Recording : Microsoft .Net

Application :Windows based application developed using SDK .Net version 2.0

Communication Protocol of Application :SSL

Recording type in VUGen : Win32 Application

Recording Steps in VUGen :


Option Strict Off
Option Explicit On

Imports LoadRunner
Imports Mercury.LoadRunner.DotNetProtocol.Replay
Imports System
Imports System.Collections.Specialized
Imports System.Data
Imports System.Reflection
Imports System.Runtime.Remoting

Namespace Script

Partial Public Class VuserClass

Public Overridable Function vuser_init() As Integer


lr.log("Event 1: New DataTable")
DataTable_1 = New DataTable

lr.log("Event 2: New DataColumn")
DataColumn_1 = New DataColumn

lr.log("Event 3: DataColumn_1.DataType = GetType(Short)")
DataColumn_1.DataType = GetType(Short)

lr.log("Event 4: DataColumn_1.ColumnName = ""VER""")
DataColumn_1.ColumnName = "VER"

lr.log("Event 5: DataColumn_1.ReadOnly = true")
DataColumn_1.ReadOnly = true

lr.log("Event 6: DataTable_1.Columns")
DataColumnCollection_1 = DataTable_1.Columns

lr.log("Event 7: DataColumnCollection_1.Add(DataColumn_1)")

lr.log("Event 8: New DataColumn")
DataColumn_2 = New DataColumn

lr.log("Event 9: DataColumn_2.DataType = GetType(String)")
DataColumn_2.DataType = GetType(String)

lr.log("Event 10: DataColumn_2.ColumnName = ""FIELDNAME""")
DataColumn_2.ColumnName = "FIELDNAME"

lr.log("Event 11: DataColumn_2.ReadOnly = true")
DataColumn_2.ReadOnly = true

lr.log("Event 12: DataColumn_2.Unique = true")
DataColumn_2.Unique = true

lr.log("Event 13: DataColumnCollection_1.Add(DataColumn_2)")

Return Me.vuser_init_part_1
End Function
End Class
End Namespace

Questions :

1) In the above recording log the userid ,password and many field values are not shown in the log , so in that case data parametirization is possible ?
2) Is there any setting to change in the vugen after recording the events log ?
3) Is the rcording way similar to Winsocket protocol ?