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    LR LDAP question


    I have a piece of VB script which is used to make calls to a ldap server and that VB script is called by a javascript. I have no problem to record the script using LR but during replay, the javascript that calls the VB function failed because LR can't recognize the VB script function... so I tried to use the ldap protocol but then i don't know how to config LR to use sasl as authentication method...

    so I just wonder is there a way to make LR to recognize the VB function in the javascript or if anyone knows how to config LR to use sasl?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: LR LDAP question

    Could you not just use a VB Script Vuser, if you have the license that is?

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    Re: LR LDAP question

    Unfortunately I don't have the license for VBScript as I thought the Web protocol in LR should able to execute those javascripts/vbscripts without a problem but it seems not the case.

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    Re: LR LDAP question

    why cannot you hit LDAP Server directly?
    whats the objective here?
    Entire process as it is can be done without LR,thats what I feel.
    Is it VB Script or Visual Basic function you are calling?

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    Re: LR LDAP question

    Because I also want to check the page response time + monitoring. so it would be nice to have LR to do that.

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    Re: LR LDAP question

    Hi Nick,

    If you wish further assistance...




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