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    Sending character string value as argument ??

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    I need some help on VuGen scripting:

    I want to send the value of a character string containing parameters also. I just want to pass the character string as literal, and don't want to evalute the parameters incorporated within that character string.

    For Example:-

    Char temp[50];

    temp contains:- "<Request>{requestRefund}</Request>"

    I want to place this temp literally including double quotes("), without evaluating the value of {requestRefund} parameter, in fucntion refund as an argument.

    void refund ("initials",temp,"status");
    //Is this the correct way to pass the temp..??...any ideas
    // it should show like ("initials","<Request>{requestRefund}</Request>","status");


    //is this the correct way to pass temp, so that temp will get replaced with "<Request>{requestRefund}</Request>" and it should look like:- web_custom_request("Anyname", "<Request>{requestRefund}</Request>",LAST);

    Please help...Thanks in advance


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    Re: Sending character string value as argument ??

    I think that should be fine for the first example. I don't see why you can't evaluate the variable for the web_custom_request though. I think you should try it both ways and see what works best for you.

    <font class="small">Code:</font><hr /><pre>
    web_custom_request("Anyname",lr_eval_string(temp), LAST);
    </pre><hr />


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    Re: Sending character string value as argument ??

    Thanks Terri...

    lr_eval_string will evalute the parameter contained within temp, but here I only want to pass value of temp as literal to another fucntion of LR API function as argument,

    Will lr_save_string can help me so that temp's value can be passed as string literal without evalutaing the parameter within temp string ???

    For example:
    temp is having: "&lt;Request&gt;{requestRefund}&lt;/Request&gt;" //quotes (") are included

    lr_save_string(temp, "literal");

    and later, in funtion I can do like:

    void refund ("initials",lr_eval_string("{literal}","status" );

    So, here the argument will passed as literal without evaluating the parameter embedded within literal.

    and at runtime, web_custom_request will evaluate all the argumnets with full paramters during the parsing of arguments and will do the further processing.

    Please correct me If Iam wrong.


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    Re: Sending character string value as argument ??

    I'm not sure if I know the answer to your question without trying it in vugen myself, but I think the question I have is why are you trying to do it this way? And what are you trying to accomplish?

    There might be a better way.



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