Hello All

I am performance testing a web based application which can do certain operations over a hardware device attached through USB(an RS422 USB device).

The web based application basically examines the device for the data, refreshes the device with test data like expiry date and Initializes it with desired values like count of usage.

The application makes use of webservices but since the wsdl is restricted because of security issues, I am using web only protocol.
For interaction with the hardware device the application uses a third part 'dll'(ZKIP API Client DLL).
The script has web_custom_request() with body binaries having XML values.

There are no visible correlation in the script except a value between <UserName></UserName> tags which is getting generated from the client side(e.g.\\xC2\\x8Fk\\xC3\\xA9\\xC3\\x89....)at the time of refreshing, initializing or examining the device.This value ,going from the client side, is changing with each recording.
According to the application team this value is being used by Windows User Control in order to communicate with the webservices.

The issue is: when I replay the script it runs fine with out errors but unlike manual application traversal where the USB device responds with twinkling LED, on replay there is no such response. clearly the script is not actually doing what it is supposed to do.(I tried with enabled Think time as well).

Also, I am not sure if I need to load that 3rd party dll in Init section or there is some other issue.

Thirdly, I have serious doubt if this is what i should call Performance test or functional test?

let me know of your comments.