New Company, new profile:

1. What version of LoadRunner (LR) or PerformanceCenter (PC) are you using?

LoadRunner 8.1

2. What is the protocol you are recording?

a. Primarily Windows Socket vUser Protocol (100 vUser license)
b. A little Web Protocol (25 vUser license)

3. If HTML - are you using HTML-Advanced with URLs or,

I guess no.

4. If URL mode:

- Concurrent groups, or
- Without Concurrent groups?
I have no idea.

5. Which LoadRunner/PerformanceCenter feature or service packs are you using?

From LR Help screen:

Product Name: Mercury LoadRunner 8.1
Product Version:
Product Build: Build 1914
Host Name: ISDloadrunner
Maintenance Number: 1563-...

Installed Products:

Product Name Version

Installed Components:

Component Name Version
ERP and CRM Mediator
Load Generator
MI Listener Component
Monitors over FireWall
Online Documentation
Vuser Generator

Installed Patches:


6. VuGen Recording - are you using Old or New Recording Engine?

Whatever comes with version 8.1

7. What kind of LoadRunner license do you have -

- Subscription

8. If subscription, is subscription current or expired?


9. What platform(s) (PCs) and Operating Systems? Include version and service packs.

XP, Win2003 Server, latest SPs

10. If you have filed a service request with HP/Mercury, what have they told you at this point with respect to your issue?

Not if I can avoid it.