Hi everybody,

I try to export the next data from Excel to my Quality Center project :
I need to have a formatted text (in bold format) when I return on my TD application.

So, when I see this field (a memo field), I have all the html text, and not only "Test" in bold font.

Do you now what I need to do if I want to have a formatted text ?

Thanks a lot for your help !
This is my code :

<font class="small">Code:</font><hr /><pre>
Sub test()

' Ouverture de la connexion
ConnectToProject "http://qc9prod.corp.sopra:8080/qcbin/", "CLERMONT_FERRAND", "RESINE_PLA", "admin_resine_pla", "pla"

Dim Root
Dim Var
Dim FolderCampagne
Dim testF
Dim monTest

Set Root = m_server.TreeManager.TreeRoot("Subject")
Var = InputBox("N°Test :")
Set FolderCampagne = Root.AddNode("test" &amp; Var)

Set testF = FolderCampagne.TestFactory

Set monTest = testF.AddItem(Null)

monTest.Field("TS_USER_05") = "Nom" &amp; Var
monTest.Field("TS_NAME") = "Nom" &amp; Var ' N° Fiche de Test
monTest.Field("TS_USER_02") = "Spec" ' Spécifiques concernés
monTest.Field("TS_USER_01") = "Instance" ' Instance
monTest.Field("TS_DESCRIPTION") = "&lt;html&gt;&lt;body&gt;&lt;b&gt;test&lt;/b&gt;&lt;/body&gt;&lt;/html&gt;" ' Description
monTest.Field("TS_USER_25") = "Donnees" ' Données nécessaires

Root = Null
Var = Null
FolderCampagne = Null
testF = Null
monTest = Null

' Fermeture de la connexion

End Sub</pre><hr />