I am working on QC 9.2 with version control - ClearCase. I am trying to set the test back to default values after a copy and paste. Without version control I have gotten this to work, but with version control I cannot.

Currently I have an if statement showing " if ActionName="act_paste_branch" then " then I am calling my function to check out the test. The paste action does not post, so I cannot call my function after it posts.

This is what I have and this works for existing tests, but since the test has not posted yet, the new test ID is not available for me to grab...

Set TFObj = TDConnection.TestFactory
Set testItem = TFObj.Item(Test_Fields.Field("TS_TEST_ID").Value)
Set TSItemVCS = testItem.VCS 'Version Controled Object

TSItemVCS.CheckOut 'Check Out test case

Here I have queries updating the test (s)

TSItemVCS.CheckIn 'Check in test case
set TSItemVCS = Nothing
set testItem = Nothing
set TFObj = Nothing

This does not seem to work. I can get in the function but cannt retrieve the test ID. Has anyone else tried this before? Anyone have any suggestions?? Anything would help.

Thank you in advance...