I have a requirement wherein I need to show the "Total Number of Test Created and Run" everyday in Dashboard. For this I need to show it in a clustured bar graph wherin for each day one bar shows the test created and one for test run side by side. To acheive this I was using the following default KPI's available with dashbaord i.e. "Total Runs per Day" and "Total Tests Per Day" but the clustured bar garph doesn't come up properly as there is no multiselect option for this.

Also I tried to create a new KPI combining the above two KPI's but the query doesn't work and throws error. Please have a look at the below query and let me know if there is something wrong in it.
"SELECT count(a.RN_EXECUTION_DATE), count(b.TS_CREATION_DATE) as value
FROM RUN a , ?Tests? b
WHERE a.RN_EXECUTION_DATE = ?date_today?
and b.TS_CREATION_DATE = ?date_today?"