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    Migration from QC 8.2 to QC 9.2

    Dear All,

    Currently I am working on QC 8.2 (DB - Oracle 9i, OS-LINUX) . we are planning to migrate to QC 9.2 (DB - Oracle 10g, OS-LINUX). Kindly share me the following,

    1.Do QC 9.2 stores the attachements & scripts in a file system repository or in the Database?

    2.Problems faced during the migration from 8.2 to 9.2?

    3.Through the QC 9.2 execution, do the QTP scripts developed in 8.2 works fine in QTP 9.2?


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    Re: Migration from QC 8.2 to QC 9.2

    Have performed the migration (windows based) - so some of this may be different

    1/ You get the option to continue using the file system repository as opposed to putting it all into the database as part of the migration
    I suggest maintaining this, as the QC install doco implies that there are performance problems when you have databases greater than 1 GB

    2/ Where to start? I found that best practice was to make database backups, then using QC siteadmin (8.2) copy existing projects to new 9.2 server
    Install 9.2 and then restore the projects in 9.2 siteadmin
    Then migrate the 8.2 projects in 9.2
    IF it all goes pear shaped - you have the original QC system, and also backups of the original QC as well

    3/ It appeared that all QTP scripts worked fine - but I was not able to comlpetely validate that myself

    Hope that helps a bit



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