Hi Every one,

I am facing a problem regarding on how to map the feature list (which are pretty much similar to the Business Requirements) to the
Requirments in Qc for Traceability purposes.We came up with the idea of documenting the whole Featurelist in to the QC and linking the
Requirements with the Feature list by doing Requirement Traceability a new feature in QC 9.2 which I know not a pretty much good solution
Is there any other best way of mapping them together?

I have in my mind that adding an extra column as "Feature List mapping" with look up list(with only numbers) and select for each requirement
But in this way we dont know whether all the requirements are mapped to all the Feature lists mentioned,if this is a case can we write a work flow script to check whether each and every value in the list was mapped to the requirements?
and if some one has to review this they need to keep the Feature list spread sheet to check the mapping done correctly.

and we find out the mapping have to be done with Many to Many relation ship (sometimes 1 Req mapped to 4 Feature Lists and viceversa)
If any one know the solution please let me know.

Thanks in advance..