In Siebel Automation, i used the below code to activate the last row in the List, sometime it works fine and sometime its not working,

SiebApplication("SysTest01 - Siebel Communicati").SiebScreen("Orders").SiebView("All Sales Orders across").SiebApplet("Orders").SiebList("List").Las tRowSet

Example :

Case 1 :If the siebel list has some 20 rows in which only some 6 rows are visible, in this above code is correctly navigating to the last row.

Case 2 :Suppose if i have only four rows and all the rows are visible then above code is not working.

For Case 1,Sieble List has vertical scroll bar and for case 2 there is no scroll bar. Here what i try to specify is whether the presence of scrollbar affects the code, am not sure. is there any way to identify the prersence of scroll bar through our QTP code. If i can able to get that i can use alternate code in the above situations. Do anyone have the solution for this?