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    Debug Workflow Script


    Its very hard to me to develop any workflow scripts in QC cause I didn't find usefull debugging functionality. Did I miss anything? Ok I can write something in a messagebox, but I have to script the functionalty then close the customize screen, try it out and then go back to customize screen.

    How do you debug, develop your scripts for QC?

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    Re: Debug Workflow Script

    Debugging QC scripts is hard because you can't use an IDE to "step through" your code.

    My solution is complex (and too broad to discuss here) but involves using an ActiveX library to send logging information to another window running on the client while I run Quality Center. I have extensive logging points in my workflow script to help me track which part of the code is being executed. My log viewer allows me to see all the messages that have been sent from the workflow and more easily see what is happening. I still can't step through code, but it helps.

    Other people have used the Windows Event Log to send messages from the workflow, but I personally don't like filling up that log (and I send a lot of messages).

    In short, there are no good debugging options.
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    Re: Debug Workflow Script

    Thanks a lot for your answer.

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