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    C++ Visible Domain and project

    Hello everyone,
    I'd like to know if there is a C++ equivalent to the famous VB VisibleDomains. With C++, the only method or property I can find is linked to all the domains ie : td->DomainsList or td->GetDomainsList().
    Thanks, JD

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    Re: C++ Visible Domain and project


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    Re: C++ Visible Domain and project

    thanks for your reply, Witzbold. I've looked for in the .tlh and .tli files and I haven't found the ITDConnection3...
    Maybe my version is not recent enough, I'm using the Quality Center 9.0. To show you my despair, I've even tried your piece of code and it didn't worked.
    Any advice or infos ?
    Anyway, thanks for spending some time answering.



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