I inherited admin responsibility when the previous admin moved on to a different job.

I am trying to read the QC 9.0 docs to understand better how everything fits together, but I'm having a problem in relationship to QC and the database we are using (oracle).

I am seeing warnings in the logs that start out like this:

Failed to update users of project Working using context of OURSERVER db server. Try now from project DB context


Messages:Failed SQL: /*~~QC*/ SELECT US_USERNAME FROM someschema_db.USERS
[Mercury][Oracle JDBC Driver][Oracle]ORA-00942: table or view does not exist

and so on.

This is listed as an error associated with CRefreshUsersProjectsJob - however, I don't know what that job is - how to find it and figure out as what user it is running, so that I can work with the database admins to grant the appropriate permissions to the user.

We checked, and the user associated with the database connection itself for the project was granted select permission. So there must be some other user things are running as - I just don't know how to track it down.