This one has me scratching my head.

The boss made a comment in passing that she haed that the Change Project tab (under tools) did not work. She saw my blank look and realized that it worked for me. So, she clarified and said, when she's in the QC Explorer version, hers does not work - only when she's running QC through IE (we have IE7.)

A tester sitting in the cube next to mine made the same comment - that it only works if you get to QC via IE.

I scratched my head a bit and said, "Well, it works in both places for me." WHich was true. Then.

Now, I have something strange happen. We have 4 projects that I tend to bounce around in - one to the next. When I visited 3 projects, two would list in the dropdown for Change Projects (when using QC E). Now, there are still 2 showing when I go to Change Projects, but only the two most recently added projects to QC that I have visited. When I use IE, I see the three projects I'd expect to see (becuse I'm in the 4th project - of 4.)

Has anyone run into this? I know it is not a big deal, but - its one of the many "little" things that bugs the boss and the other QA types.