A user asked me this question.

He has created over 100 individual test procedures in his procedure tree. He has organized them in a series of folders, grouping related tests into subfolders, etc.

When he goes to create a new test to run, he drags and drops the folder of procedures into a new test. What he sees is all the tests listed, with none of the folders, of course. What is weird, though, is that the steps don't appear to be in any particular order.

He would prefer to have the tests ordered in a way that as he walks through them, all the tests relating to, say, editing a field are executed sequentially.

His individual tests begin with several types of ordering info (you know 1., 2., 3. etc in one folder, a., b., c. in another, and even DR=EDIT-001, DR-EDIT-002, etc.)

What he ends up with is what appears to be a random ordering of the tests, with no indicator of the parental folder names, etc. to use as a guide for moving the tests around.

Is it common for the drag and drop from procedure tree to new test to just randomly "import" test steps? How do you normally handle this?