i'm using qc 9.0 and have the following problem. in testset we have a required user-field, so whenever someone creates a new testset, he must put a value in the field. but we want to have a default-value when the testset is created, because not anyone uses this field. in the defect module, its easy to put a default value: Bug_fields.field("BG_User_01").value = "something". i put this under "Defects_Bug_New"

But in the testset, i'ts not working. i have the code
TestSet_Fields.field("CY_USER_01").Value = "something" under "TestLab_TestSet_New" but ther's nothing happening, when i create a new tesset.

can anybody help? am i putting my code at the wrong place? but where should it be then?

thanks for any help.