Customised Workflow - Hidden Defect Field Cancel Button Problem

Hi guys,

I have come across an issue with defect fields that are hidden using VBScript in the Quality Center script editor.

The VBScript code does not execute when selecting "Cancel" within the defect. This causes the hidden fields to become displayed for the defect. There does not seem to be a Sub which could be used to execute code on selection of the "Cancel" button.

Creating a new defect, opening an existing defect, changing a defect etc all work ok since I am calling my code in both Bug_MoveTo and Bug_New.

Thinking that it may be my code, I erased my code and let the Script Generator do the work (Add Defect Field Customization \ Defect Details Field Customization). Still the same issue with the fields becoming visible when selecting "Cancel".

I cannot use the "Defects Data-Hiding Filter" under Groups\Change\Defects since this permanently hides the fields and overrides any .IsVisible = TRUE commands in the VBScript. I do not want them permanently hidden because I am hiding \ displaying fields depending on the status of the defect.

Any ideas on how to get around this? I am guessing it is impossible since the issue occurs even when using the Defect Details Field Customization wizard in the Tools\Customise\Workflow area.

Thanks In Advance