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    Anyone use the Risk Management feature in QC?

    I've used QC for the past 6 years. The last version I used was published before Mercury got bought out by HP.

    I got a product demo from HP sales reps last week on the most recent version. They focused on new features of QC that were not in the version I used. One of these was the Risk Management module.

    Has anyone used this feature with great success? Was it a time consuming effort to use the tool?


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    Re: Anyone use the Risk Management feature in QC?

    Risk Management, is a great tool for the Business Analysts and Test Managers to come up with critical requirements and time needed to complete testing. Risk Managment gives user headsup with a complete picture before real testing starts. This comes under Risk Based Quality Management and requirements are categorized and assessed to perfrom Risk Analysis. However, it is the experience of the Test and Business Managers, who drive Risk Based Quality Management.

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    Re: Anyone use the Risk Management feature in QC?

    Risk Management is very strong function,why?we know,we always have finite time and resource,under the situation,
    we have no possibility to test fully.so we use Risk Management to evaluate the risks.
    Of course,it should be done by Project Manager.



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