Hi all,
I'm trying to achieve this requirement: I would like to filter the defects one user sees when he switches to the Defects Module.
The filter to be applied is that he should not see defects which are linked to Tests which contain a particular value in a user defined field.

Is there a way to achieve this? The fact is that by using the Filter objects there's no way to do that...

Some more info: the custom field in the Test entity is a field which contains a list (comma separated). I've done a function to determine if an element of that list is associated to a logged in user (I use a UserSetting to set that). Now: when the user switches to the Defects Module it's theoretically all a matter of calling that function once I obtained the reference to the linked Test, and once I've found out how to filter the Defects list based on the true/false response of that function call...

Thanks a lot to everybody for any reply!