I'm looking for advise as to which method is preferred for running modular tests in QC Test Lab. Let's assume I have 10 modular test cases, each verifying a specific element on a single web page. Let's also assume the page being tested requires 10 separate steps to get to and is not easily accessed. The theory is that I would create a single test case that would 'set up' the user for the other 10 test cases.

So here's the question... which method would you recommend w/r/t executing the tests?

Senario A:
- Create 1 test case that essentially sets up the tester to get them in the correct state on the correct page to start verifying elements on a page.
- Create 10 individual modular test cases (each with a single verification step) for every element on the page that needs to be verified.
- Create a single 'shell' script in the test plan that first calls the initial set up script, then calls each of the 10 verification test cases sequentially.


Scenario B:
- Same 1 + 10 test cases as in Scenario A
- This time however, a test set is created in the Test Lab and the test cases are linked together using the Execution Flow tab for the test set.

Any suggestions? Other ideas?

Thanks in advance.