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    How to connect to access table from QC

    I am trying to update QC with data from an Access table. i have created a vb program that connects to QC successfully. My problem is that i dont know how to connect to the cutomization entities fields in QC. I also thought about connecting to access from QC but do not know how to do that either. Please help!!

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    Re: How to connect to access table from QC

    Have you taken the time to look through the db structure information for QC that is shipped and installed on the server along with the application? look at quality_center_db.chm

    I am also a bit dubious as to the reasoning that led to your decision to update the QC database from an Access database. It just sounds like a recipe for disaster driving the updating from Access. At least if you used the scripting included on the back end of Quality Center to connect to Access, then you have the control with the parent application to its database (less likely to corrupt the data).
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    Re: How to connect to access table from QC

    really appreciate you responding to this..THANKS! I was instructed to create the table or form for our users to input(update/delete) information in so that this information could be visible in QC. We didnt want the users to have access to the customization and we (QC Admins) didnt want to update the data because it may be something needed all the time. You mentioned looking at quality_center_db.chm...where would i find that? Would that be in the documentation API database reference?



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