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    QC authentication failed.

    In my company, QC is connected with LDAP.
    When one of the offshore QA users tried to login to QC for the first time it says:
    "Authentication failed. Verify your username and password"
    What could be the possible causes for this error:
    This is what I as QC Admin can think of(I am new to this):

    1. QC account/ network account locked after trying 3 times.
    2. username and password are case sensitive - wrong entry.
    3. Improper implementation of LDAP- but it works for others!

    Is there a way to check in QC administration Site for any logs?

    How can I troubleshoot such an issue?

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Re: QC authentication failed.

    The administrator logs are generally kept on the Application server.

    Check your SA console Servers tab. This will give youthe location of the log files. There are two folders QC and SA

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    Re: QC authentication failed.

    We use LDAP here too. I have noticed then when some users are away for any lengthy period, when they get back and try to relogin, they cannot. In these instances, I have noticed that QC, for some unknown reason, has lost their LDAP connection string.

    Check that the user has the correct connection string to LDAP.

    Eleonora Faraone
    Melbourne VIC Australia


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    Re: QC authentication failed.


    where do i need to check for LDAP connection string?

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    Re: QC authentication failed.

    Login to the Quality Center site administration and click on "SiteUsers" tab. You will see User Settings icon with LDAP import settings under it.

    - Vinay



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