I had created a new project in QualityCenter 8.2 SP1 version by mimicking an existing project for Customization, Users and UserGroup, Mail Conditions.

Then logged into the Test Plan module for the newly created project and Deleted the empty folders that were created. During folder deletion it gave error for some reference not found for folders. Because of this error I deleted a row from table ALL_LISTS where that folder description matched.
Then after if any user tries to login to this new project it gives error -- Cannot connect to the project domain_name:roject_name.

Also its not allowing me to delete this new project from SiteAdministrator's Project Tab and gives belo error --
Failed to delete project;
Failed to remove database of project 'Marketing_BI';
Failed to remove database of the project 'Marketing_BI'
[Oracle] #759 ORA-01940: cannot drop a user that is currently connected

I need to use this project. Can some one please help me resolve this issue.

Thanks in advance,